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Packages that use Property

Uses of Property in smbdav

Classes in smbdav that implement Property
 class AbstractProperty
          This class provides a basic implementation of much of the Property interface.

Uses of Property in

Classes in that implement Property
 class CreationDateProperty
          Provides access to the creationdate property.
 class DisplayNameProperty
          Provides access to the displayname property.
 class GetContentLengthProperty
          Provides access to the getcontentlength property.
 class GetContentTypeProperty
          Provides access to the getcontenttype property.
 class GetETagProperty
          Provides access to the getetag property.
 class GetLastModifiedProperty
          Provides access to the creationdate property.
 class IsCollectionProperty
          Provides access to the iscollection property.
 class IsHiddenProperty
          Provides access to the ishidden property.
 class IsReadOnlyProperty
          Provides access to the isreadonly property.
 class LockDiscoveryProperty
          Provides access to the lockdiscovery property.
 class ResourceTypeProperty
          Provides access to the resourcetype property.
 class SupportedLockProperty
          Provides access to the supportedlock property.

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