Uses of Interface

Packages that use LockManager

Uses of LockManager in smbdav

Classes in smbdav that implement LockManager
 class DefaultLockManager
 class SmbLockManager

Methods in smbdav that return LockManager
 LockManager NoLockManagerFactory.newLockManager()
 LockManager SmbLockManagerFactory.newLockManager()
protected  LockManager AbstractHandler.getLockManager()
          Returns the LockManager used to maintain WebDAV locks.
abstract  LockManager LockManagerFactory.newLockManager()
          Creates a new LockManager instance.

Methods in smbdav with parameters of type LockManager
static void SmbDAVUtilities.lockDiscovery(jcifs.smb.SmbFile file, LockManager lockManager, org.w3c.dom.Element destination)
          Utility method to output the "lockdiscovery" XML for the active locks on the specified SMB resource, as managed by the specified lock manager.

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